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Turn the Page Book Review

Welcome to Turn the Page!  We will be sharing awesome books, amazing authors and honest reviews!

My name is Meme Novella!

I’ll be your host for our journey through the world of Indie and Traditional publishing!

What is the difference between Indie and Traditional?  Well, an Indie author is responsible for the writing and publishing of their own book.  A traditionally published book is done completely by a big publisher who controls the cover, the editing and ultimately the publishing date.

Each week on Monday, I will feature an author, give you a synopsis of one of their books and also give you the links to their author sites.  I will also give you an honest review of their book with a rating system of stars- 5 being amazing down to 1 being not so great.

If you have any questions or would like me to review a specific book please email me at: MemeNovella@gmailcom.

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